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Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior involving physical, emotional, and sexual violence, in any combination.  The violence is intentionally used as a method of intimidation, power, and control in a relationship.

Physical abuse can include:

  • Pushing and shoving
  • Hitting and slapping
  • Punching and kicking
  • Strangling or restraining by force
  • Pulling hair, twisting arms, spitting
  • Using a weapon - i.e., a gun, knife, bat, cattle prod, lit cigarette


Emotional abuse can include:

  • Intimidating actions
  • Name-calling
  • Threats to kill you, burn your house down, harm your relatives, report you to Social Services
  • Destroying your property
  • Harming or killing pets
  • Isolating you from family and friends or anyone who can help you
  • Controlling the money
  • Undermining your relationship with your children
  • Threatening to leave with or harm your children


Sexual abuse can include:

  • Forced or coerced intercourse or other sexual activity
  • Hurtful or unsafe sex
  • Forced prostitution
  • Repeated accusations of sexual activity with others
  • Name-calling such as whore, slut, etc.