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MYTH:  Jealousy is a sign of love.

FACT:  You may feel flattered if your boyfriend or girlfriend acts jealous or constantly texts you to see where you are and who you're with, but jealousy and possessiveness are not signs of love.  They're signs of insecurity, and a need to control you.  Trust and respect are signs of love, not jealousy.

MYTH: Love and sex are the same thing.

FACT:  A person who wants to have sex with you does not necessarily love you.  Love involves much more than physical attraction, and takes time to develop.  And having sex to keep someone interested can backfire, or worse.  Remember, having sex even once can result in pregnancy, an STI (sexually transmitted infection) or both. 

MYTH:  He's the boss.

FACT:  This myth is based on the false belief that men are leaders and women should follow.  In a healthy relationship, neither person controls or serves the other.

MYTH:  She (or he) owes me sex because I paid for the date.

FACT:  Paying for a date, or buying a gift does not entitle someone to sex.  No one ever owes anyone sex.  Sex always requires that both people consent, and that both people are capable of consenting (for example: neither person is too drunk or high to consent).

MYTH:  No sometimes really means yes.

FACT:  No means no - even if the person says it another way.  For example, he or she might say, "I don't know" or, "Let's take our time."  No matter how it's said, it means no!  In a healthy relationship, each person finds out what the other person is really feeling, and respects his or her limits.