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A Protection Order is a court order that can force your abuser to stay away from you and will require him/her to have no contact of any kind with you.  To obtain a Protection Order, you have to submit an application to the court alleging that your partner has abused you in the past and that you are fearful of that person and want him/her to restrained from having any contact with you. 

A judge will review the application and determine whether or not to sign a Temporary Protection Order.  If so, then within 14 days a hearing must take place to allow the alleged abuser to confirm or deny the allegations.   

If, after the court hearing, the judge determines that there is sufficient evidence of abuse and fear of imminent danger, he/she will issue a Protection Order which will be in force for a period of time set by the judge.  This is typically anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.  The Protection Order can be renewed if necessary.

Safe Shelter staff can assist you in applying for a Protection Order.  Call 701-251-2300 or 888-353-7233 (SAFE) for more information.


  • Keep your protection order with you at all times. If it is lost or destroyed, you can get another copy from the Clerk of Court. Leave extra copies at work, with a friend or neighbor, and in your car.
  • Leave a copy of the protection order with your children's school.
  • If the order is violated, call the police as soon as possible and think of ways to keep safe until they arrive.
  • Tell your friends, family, and neighbors that you have a protection order in effect.
  • Although you have the right to go anywhere you please, it is best to try to avoid places in the community where your abuser may be present.